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Specialising in ska and reggae with a dash of soul, funk, R&B and world roots, The Trojans were formed in late 1986 from the ashes of the premature demise of Gaz Mayall's first band Gaz's Rebel Blues Rockers where brief emergence on the London pub/club scene lasted from early 1982 to mid 83.

Their debut gig was at the Astoria on Charing Cross road by London's center point on the 23rd December 1986, supporting premier ska band Potato 5 and ska legend Laurel Aitken. Within two and a half years they headlined the same venue with the above acts supporting.


During the first few years they recorded several albums that were well received on the UK underground all on Gaz's own independent label Gaz's Rockin' Records. The first was 'Ala-Ska' which featured the classic single 'Gaelic Ska' and launched a whole new genre of Afro-Celtic fusion that has since become a hallmark of The Trojans' sound.


Several albums were licensed to Japan from 1988, with 'Spirit of Adventure' on Sony records opening up an avenue of succesive tours with mainstream coverage to a large audience where they are still very popular today.


Some original band members are still regular performers with the band including saxophonist Rudy Jones and Rick Baxendale who began as bass player in the early 1990's. The line-up often features bagpipes, violin, guest female vocalists, two guitars, drum and bass percussion, with Gaz at the centre stage singing and playing melodica. Occasionally guest horn player and the Trojan's long time founder saxman Colin Humphries appear.


They tour often mainly in Europe and do lots of one-off special shows at festivals, clubs, bars and private parties, being popular with the young and old and people of all cultures to suit our multicultural day and age.





Upcoming Gigs

The Trojans Albums In iTunes

1999 Desiderata

1998 Best of the Trojans

1997 Earth First

1996 Cool Rulers

1995 Stack-A-Dub

1994 Celtic Ska

1993 Rebel Blues

1990 Save the World

1988 Spirit of Adventure

1987 A la Ska

1991 Skalatitude

Gaz Mayall


Charlie "Nightdoctor" Wood

Rick Baxendale

Antoin O'Doherty

Rudy Jones

Megumi Mesaku

Colin Humphries

Tony Uter

Guest Artists

Vin Gordon

Eddie "Tan Tan" Thornton

Darren "Ace Face" Berry

Benoît Viellefon

2013 Smash It!

Neil Aptaker 

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